A machine tool made entirely of arc-welded steel, designed using 3D software and optimized through finite element analysis (FEA).

The bedplate, shoulders and fixed crossrail are built to ensure maximum structural rigidity.
The standard numerical control system used is the FAGOR 8065 M, but SIEMENS, ECS or FANUC systems can be installed on request.

The ideal machine tool for working on tube sheets, flanges, baffle plates and components for heat exchangers, as well as in the oil, naval and energy sectors.
Can mill and drill any material, including alloy steel, copper alloys, stainless steel and titanium.

CAMU is always available to design and manufacture machines in special sizes required for specific necessities..

Technical specifications

Operating dimensions18/2023/2528/30U.M
Table size1800x20002300x25002800x3000mm
Distance between columns220027003200mm
Distance between table and spindle nose1050mm
Max. workpiece weight80001200012000Kg
Total machine weight250003000035000Kg
Work axes
Y-axis travel220027003200mm
X-axis travel220027003200mm
Z-axis travel900mm
Rapid feed20000mm/min
Milling unit
Spindle motor power30kW
Max. torque955Nm
Speed range2Nr
Maximum rotational speed6000rpm
Spindle type50ISO
Tool holder69871DIN
Power supply
Voltage415 +/-10%V
Frequency50 +/-5%Hz

Our products

We manufacture CNC vertical lathes and gantry milling machines.
Our Classic Line has now been extended to include the new Power Turn vertical lathes.

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