In addition to the new line of vertical lathes, CAMU continues to offer parallel machines built under the historical Morando license.

Economical but at the same time productive and reliable, the CLASSIC machines are used by many companies in Italy and abroad for both roughing and precision work.
All models can be equipped with the same accessories as the new POWER TURN line.

Technical specifications Single-column type

Table diameter12001450mm
Max workpiece diameter1250/14001500/1650mm
Distance table - cross rail10001200mm
Max workpiece height8001000mm
Max workpiece weight1000012000Kg
Rotating tool changer14pos.
230 mm RAM travel1000mm
240 mm RAM travel1000mm
Rapid feed10000mm/min
Main motor power60kW
Table speed0 - 3500 - 300rpm
Number of range3nr
Spindle motor power-30kW
Tool speed-0 - 2000rpm
Number of range-2nr

Technical specifications Double-column type

Table diameter2000250030004000mm
Max workpiece diameter2050/21502550/26503100/33004100/4300mm
Distance table - cross rail1500190023002060mm
Max workpiece height1300170021001860mm
Max workpiece weight2000025000Kg
Rotating tool changer14pos.
230 mm RAM travel1000mm
240 mm RAM travel1000mm
260 mm RAM travel1200mm
Rapid feed10000mm/min
Main motor power6060/100kW
Table speed0 - 1600 - 1350 - 100rpm
Number of range3nr
Spindle motor power30kW
Tool speed0 - 2000rpm
Number of range2nr

Our products

We manufacture CNC vertical lathes and gantry milling machines.
Our Classic Line has now been extended to include the new Power Turn vertical lathes.

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